Tuesday Evening MTB Rides

Our group MTB rides are on every Tuesday evening. We meet at the end of Clarke Street, Waihi (see map) from 5:15 to be ready to ride at 5:30.

Everybody is welcome, whatever your skill level. There is a trail for experienced riders and a trail for those new to the sport. You don't have to be timed, just come on down for a casual evening ride with other friendly bikers if you prefer.

You need an approved helmet, sturdy MTB shoes and gloves, and you'll need good lights and warm clothes (available from Waihi Sports and Cycles) outside of the daylight saving months. The tracks generally ride hard and fast and are fun for all the family.

Tuesday evening MTB report & lap times 2012 to 2015


The year is away to a great start. Last week’s open day was very successful, with over 30 riders turning up at the track to enjoy a ride, a chin-wag and the BBQ.

There have been lots of new people and holiday-makers using the track over the summer and all the feedback has been fantastic. Thanks again to our track builders and maintenance crews for your continued efforts. The comment in the Kennett Brothers NZ MTB track guide book that said “you can tell straight away that the [Waihi] track has been built by mountain bikers” is very high praise indeed and a credit to you all.

The finishing touch has been the recent installation of the new sign board and arrowing system. These additions will make it easier for new people to navigate around the track and they certainly help give it a ‘real MTB track’ feel. Huge thanks again to Expedio Industrial Property for the financial assistance to fund the signage.


Tuesday 20th January 2015 – MTB TT

It’s been ages since we ran the time trial format on a Tuesday night and we had a great turnout for the first TT of 2015. This is the first time we’ve timed people over the new track configuration and it was interesting to note that even though the track is now longer than ever, the times are faster!

It was great to see four new faces tonight too – welcome Terry, Darren, Isaac and Anthony. Well done Graham in setting the new benchmark for 2015 - must be the clips aye!



Graham Madsen     28m 12s

Mike Bainbridge      28m 53s

Carl O’Neill              29m 12s

Darren (not Butler)   29m 53s

Campbell Haines     30m 25s

Reuben Madsen      33m 25s

Mike Voykovich       33m 35s

Jeff Ruddock           34m 04s

Isaac                        34m 28s

Craig Manktelow     35m 27s

Eleanore O’Neill       35m 44s

Anthony                   35m 58s

Terry O’Brien           37m 05s

Stan Foster              40m 21s


Tuesday 25th March 2014

We had two big improvers this week, plus we welcomed some new young talent having a crack for the first time. Well done to Rory, Ryan and Ryan who posted pretty respectable times for newbz.

The big movers though were Viv and relative newcomer Mike Burr. Viv smashed his PB by 2m 11s to finally break the 40 minute barrier. It's is a testament to his perseverance because Viv hasn't missed a TT since early February. The other way to improve your lap time is to buy a new bike - MIke turned some heads when he arrived on his shiny new (2nd hand) carbon Giant XTC 27.5. A very nice piece if kit, and he'd have to be happy with how it performed since he was a staggering 5 min 27 sec faster than last week. Well done Mike.

Good luck to Reuben, Graham, Mike and JT as they take on the 12 hour Moonride (4 person team) in Rotorua this weekend. Rumour has it that James is tackling the 24 hour solo Moonride. All the best James - that's one hell of a ride, especially on a single speed.


Graham Madsen: 33m 12s

Reuben Madsen: 34m 10s

Mike Bainbridge: 34m 10s

Jeff Thomas: 34m 26s

Craig Manktelow: 35m 07s

Karl O'Neill: 38m 00s

Gary McLean: 38m 09s

Rory Lambert: 38m 39s

Dave Morgan: 39m 10s

Viv Barakat: 39m 39s (PB)

Mike Burr: 41m 56s (PB)

Eleanore O'Neill: 43m 03s

Ryan Roberts: 43m 17s

Bruce Schollum: 43m 26s

Ryan Kingsford: 45m 28s


Tuesday 18th March 2014

Just a casual group ride tonight - but the paparazzi were there! We're currently shooting for a promo video for the Nugget. So far we've shot running, MTBiking and kayaking plus lots of nice scenic images from around town. So now we just have road cycling to do and the editing process can begin. Look out for it on www.thenugget.co.nz and while you're there, remember to put in your entry!


Tuesday 11th March 2014

The heat was oppressive and the start was appropriately leisurely tonight. Everyone seemed a bit flat to begin with but most slowly got in to their work as the lap progressed. Mike lead the charge but was gradually hunted down by Reuben who overtook at the summit of Winner Hill. Reuben is quick down hill and soon put a gap on the chasers. Graham was grinding away and staying in touch, ready to pounce. Just behind this group Craig was giving it plenty and Eleanore was quietly knocking off the kms. Peter was closing the gates as he went - and sprinting in between. Reuben ran out of gas just after Riverdance which allowed Mike and Graham to continue their battle to the finish line.

Congrats to Craig who beat his PB by 16 seconds, Peter who beat his PB by 19 seconds, and Elaenore who took a massive 1m 12s of her previous best time. If anyone's looking for a female mountain biker for the Nugget on May 10 - Eleanore is available. She's on fire!

Welcome to Mike Burr doing the TT for the first time - well done Mike.


Mark Samson: 32m 30s

Mike Bainbridge: 33m 05s

Graham Madsen: 33m 47s

Reuben Madsen: 34m 55s

Craig Manktelow: 34m 55s (PB)

Jeff Ruddock: 38m 23s

Dave Morgan: 39m 10s

Eleanore O'Neill: 41m 12s (PB)

Viv Barakat: 42m 42s

Peter Lee-Johnson: 44m 41s (PB)

MIke Burr: 47m 25s


Tuesday 25th February 2014

After a couple of weeks of trail riding and group cruising we were back in to a timed run around the full Clarke Street track tonight. It seems like the summer training has paid off for people with 5 PBs being posted tonight. Eleanore was the big mover as she knocked 2m 35s off her previous best. JT also shaved nearly a minute off his best as did Mike (despite the bike), Dave and Jeff R. Karl punctured, Bruce had gear changing issues and the Madsen boys had jelly legs from Saturday's race in Colville.

10 weeks to the Nugget. Earlybird entries close on the 28th Feb. Keep up the good training folks...


Gavin Cameron: 31m 07s (on his cyclo-cross bike)

Jeff Thomas: 32m 06s (PB)

Mike Bainbridge: 32m 12s (PB)

Graham Madsen: 33m 03s

Dave Morgan: 37m 30s (PB)

Jeff Ruddock: 37m 35s (PB)

Karl O'Neill: 37m 40s (puncture)

Steve Harries: 39m 24s

Viv Barakat: 41m 50s

Eleanore O'Neill: 42m 24s (PB)

Bruce Schollum: 43m 10s

Peter Lee-Johnson: 45m 00s


Tuesday 28th January 2014

26 degrees and no wind - hot racing conditions and some hot times. Reuben, Karl, Andrew, Dave and Jeff all rode PBs on the extended track with Jeff and Dave going under 40 min for the first time.

Welcome to Nathan and Reid having a crack at the full TT. Well done guys.

The track is in beautiful condition at the moment so get out there and get in amongst it.

Coming up...

Colville Connection: February 22 in Colville. www.totalsport.co.nz

NZO Moonride: March 29 in Rotorua. www.eventpromotions.co.nz

The Nugget: May 10 in Waihi. Earlybird registration closes 28 Feb. www.thenugget.co.nz


Gavin Cameron: 30m 26s

Mark Samson: 31m 04s

Reuben Madsen: 31m 23s

Mike Bainbridge: 33m 15s

Jeff Thomas: 34m 05s

Craig Manktelow: 35m 13s

Karl O'Neill: 35m 14s

Andrew Cochrane: 38m 21s

Dave Morgan: 39m 26s

Jeff Ruddock: 39m 26s

Nathan Lovell: 44m 27s

Reid Samson: 47m 02s


Tuesday 14th January 2014

A fast track, some new bikes, and some good times! Gav and Reuben turned up on shiny new steeds tonight, while Craig and Mike decided to go all retro and drag the old steelies out of the shed. James struggled around under an injury cloud and JT just stirred up a cloud of dust posting a good PB. It was great to see Karl back in action and going really well too. And Graham crashed – again!


Gavin Cameron: 30:19

Graham Madsen: 32:37

Jeff Thomas: 33:17

Mike Bainbridge: 34:43

Karl O'Neill: 36:42

James McGuire: 37:17

Craig Manktelow 39:42

Dave Morgan: 40:25

Eleanore O'Neill: 45:09

Jeff Ruddock: Not timed

Rob Clarke: Not timed

Reuben Madsen: DNF


TUESDAY 07th January 2014 - First ride for 2014

We kicked off 2014 by including a new section of track, and it’s added about 5 to 8 minutes to most people’s times. The original track was in perfect condition but it must have been quite hot out there judging by the amount of sweat dripping off most people’s bodies.

The mass start up the road soon sorted the rough pecking order but small groups of similar speed riders formed and lots of ‘races within races’ were going on. All good stuff.

Welcome to Mark Harrington, who went well on his shiny new carbon bike, and also to Marty Penfold visiting from Mt Maunganui.


Gavin Cameron 29:58:00

Mike Bainbridge 32:17:00

Graham Madsen 34:32:00

Jeff Thomas 34:56:00

Craig Manktelow 35:11:00

Mark Samson 35:12:00

Martin Penfold 35:35:00

Jeff Ruddock 40:43:00

Mark Harrington 40:43:00

Bruce Schollum Not timed

James McGuire Not timed

Reuben Madsen Not timed

Rob Clarke Not timed


TUESDAY 17th December 2013 - Final ride for 2013

The rogaine proved to be a popular event again, with good numbers spreading out in all directions searching for ‘photo-spots’ and trying to be the first team home for a sausage.

The Young Guns – William and Reuben where first back to base but as they whizzed past without slowing down they were heard to yell “we forgot one”, and then we didn’t see them for another half an hour! There was close racing between the O’Neill family with Karl (and James) just sneaking home before Eleanor (and Gav), while Mike (no crashes) and Viv cruised in third. JT and Bruce tied for fourth with the return of the Young Guns, then Steady Jeff and Go-Hard Graham rounded out the bunch.

However, in the final wash-up, taking into account the quality and accuracy of the photography, Jeff and Graham were clear winners with their unmatched attention to detail. Well done everyone – it was an excellent night.

Prizes for the 2013 season were also handed out (after a rigorous and painstaking selection and judging process). A mini Bounty Bar is a highly sought-after prize, so the stakes were high!

Gav: Clear winner of the lap record

Reuben: Easily most improved

Viv & Eleanor: Most consistent

Graham & Mike: A tie for most crashes

James: Biggest effort (12 hour Day-Night Thriller + World 24 hour champs)

JT: Comeback of the year: After smashing both knees to bits surfing.


Neill Mouatt – Waihi Sports & Cycles, for doing the timing week after week, and for the good service and great deals on bikes.

Everyone who helped extend and maintain our 9km of sweet single-track. You’ve done awesome work and produced something we can be proud of and others envious of. Well done! And especially the trail pixies, Peter & Keith who work away doing great stuff out there.

2013 LAP TIMES: See the link above for a spreadsheet of lap times for all of 2013

Have a great holiday everyone.




TUESDAY 10th December 2013

With the track drying nicely after the rain and the berms packing down with use, there were plenty of PBs tonight. And while Gav cruised around on his old 26” hardtail just for sentimental reasons (and still blitzed the field) there was hot competition for the other places. Peter Lee-Johnson did a great PB, even while stopping to close the gates, and Vicki Farr knocked 46 seconds off her best time. Dave, Steve and Viv were way under their previous bests, while Mike continues to get faster every week on his ‘new’ Epic. If Mike ever does a lap without hitting a tree he will be a force!

Next week is BBQ and a bevvy week. The final MTB Tuesday for 2013. We’ll do a team rogaine (with no map reading necessary) that will take under an hour, then we’ll fire up the BBQ and tell a few lies.

BYO snags, bread, T sauce and cold ones. Graham will kindly supply the BBQ.

Also bring a phone capable of taking a photo, or a digital camera – you’ll need it for the rogaine.


Gavin Cameron: 25m 20s

Mark Samson: 25m 25s

Mike Bainbridge: 27m 05s

Jeff Thomas: 28:02

Reuben Madsen: 28m 02s

Graham Madsen: 28m 21s

Steve Harries: 32m 24s

Dave Morgan: 33m 06s

Viv Barakat: 34m 02s

Vicki Farr: 34m 05s

Peter Lee-Johnson: 36m 55s (while closing the gates behind him)


TUESDAY 5th November 2013

There were plenty of fireworks tonight! Reuben set the track alight, blitzing the field in a new record time of 27m 29s which has set the bar for the new track.

On the weekend we finished the first of the new Grinder zig-zags. It has four tight switchback turns, a nice long-drop and a sweet wee log drop off and reports are that it all rides really well. It seems to add about two minutes to lap times. Thanks to JT, Graham, Reuben and Butsy for the big effort on Sunday – great job guys!

Back to the TT – We rode head-to-head again and there was a long ‘snake’ of riders digging it in up the first climb… before legs started to burn and people gradually began to spread out. Dave, Mike and Graham all decided to take a closer look at the ground and vegetation which may have just allowed Reuben the chance to sneak away and hold his lead all the way home. Viv was way faster than last week and Jeff R was pushing some of the ‘young fellahs’ hard too.


Reuben Madsen: 27m 29s

Mike Bainbridge: 28m 29s (small off)

Graham Madsen: 29m 12s (small off)

Jeff Thomas: 29m 49s

Steve Harries: 33m 36s

Jeff Ruddock: 34m 04s

Viv Barakat: 35m 09s

Dave Morgan: 35m 57s (big off)

Eleanore O'Neill: 36m 58s

Rob Clarke: 37m 16s

Peter Lee-Johnson: 38m 00s


TUESDAY 29th October 2013

The elusive 24 minute mark has been well and truly smashed! We rode head-to-head this week, but the field spread pretty quickly as we all watched Gav disappear over the horizon on his way to establishing a new course record of 23 minutes 46 seconds - that’s a full 15 seconds faster than last week! Great riding Gav.

Mike and JT made huge improvements over last week too - both were over 90 seconds quicker. But the biggest improver was Eleanor who picked up 3m 41s on last week. It was great to see Rob and Steve back out on the track too.

These summer evenings are brilliant for bike rides, and thanks again to Neill for providing the timing.


Gavin Cameron: 23m 48s (new course record)

Mark Samson: 25m 14s

Mike Bainbridge: 26m 12s

Jeff Thomas: 27m 36s

Graham Madsen: 28m 01s

Reuben Madsen: 29m 45s (borrowed bike)

Steve Harries: 31m 50s

Eleanore O’Neill: 33m 56s

Rob Clarke: 35m 17s

Viv Barakat: 39m 07s

James McGuire: DNS


TUESDAY 22nd October 2013

The TT is back! It was great to see 10 keen bikers at the meeting point tonight for a timed blat around the track, which included the new finishing section along flat sticks and back to the start via the old cowshed. Well it did for everyone except Graham, who took a wee detour... Reuben had a mare too, puncturing half way through his run.

It looks like the new section has added an average of one and a half minutes to people’s lap times, so if you’re less than 1.5 min slower than your PB on the old track, you’re probably going faster! The three people who showed up on new bikes tonight will be pleased to know they’re all going faster than their previous best. Gav is going way faster (on his rigid 29er single-speed) and has set a new benchmark almost cracking 24 minutes…


Gavin Cameron: 24m 03s (the same time as the old course record)

Mark Samson: 25:13s

James McGuire: 26:44s (still recovering from world 24hr champs)

Mike Bainbridge: 27m 50s (nearly equal to PB on old track)

Jeff Thomas: 29m 16s (slowly recovering from massive knee injuries)

Jeff Ruddock: 32m 40s (welcome back Jeff)

Viv Barakat: 33m 41s

Eleanore O’Neill: 37m 37s

Graham Madsen: 27m 40s (wrong way but a PB by 5s on the old track)

Reuben Madsen: DNF – flat tyre


TUESDAY 20th August 2013

It’s been over a month since I’ve put the (2) fingers to the keyboard and written about one of our Tuesday night MTB rides, but with Spring in the air people are starting to come out of the woodwork again!

This week we had 10 riders keen on a leisurely ride to Paeroa on the Rail Trail or a slightly more technical track instead, but in the end we compromised – and did them both. It turned out to be an excellent 31km loop that got the legs spinning nicely then challenged a few people’s technical riding skills just the right amount. It was tricky but achievable and fun. Well done everyone on negotiating the fiddly bits – that’s about the coolest 4km of track around (remember to stay off it when there are lots of hikers around).

Welcome to Gary Hall who joined us for the first time… and smoked us all on the Rail Trail - those Fuji 29ers go pretty good with a strong pair of legs on them!


TUESDAY 16th July 2013

Without wanting to tempt fate, the winter has been very kind to us so far. The track is riding better and better and the night time rides have been really quite mild. There is a steady core of riders who's after-dark bike skills are getting better all the time.

We just did a non-racing group ride this week and several people did multiple laps as they're training for various events.

The new section of track is working out well and will only improve with on-going use. It also appears that the track is getting plenty of use outside of our Tuesday night rides which is great to see.


TUESDAY 9th July 2013

The natural order of things was restored last night as Gav turned up with his 'real' bike and blitzed the field. The mass start was quite sedate as everyone just cruised to the top of The Grinder - then Reuben took off and it was suddenly all on! Reuben's riding great at the moment and he was able to hold off everyone untill a slight slip on Rocky Knob allowed Gav through a gap, and he was gone...

Well done Gav, and welcome back Eleanore and Karl. The track was in perfect condition again last night which made for some pretty fast (winter at night) times.


Gavin Cameron: 25m 45s

Mark Samson: 26m 06s

Reuben Madsen: 26m 35s

Graham Madsen: 29m 02s

Jeff Thomas: 29m 44s

Mike Bainbridge: 30m 27s

Karl O'Neill: 31m 15s

Eleanore O'Neill: 40m 02s

James McGuire: DNF


TUESDAY 2nd July 2013

Once again the track was in near-perfect condition and it was a lovely evening for a bike ride. Thanks Peter for all your drainage and berm work in Riverdance - it's making a big difference, and "Long Drop" is brilliant now.

Drama was the order of the night tonight! Reuben lost his chain, James nearly lost his lunch, Graham lost all the air out of his rear tyre and I just lost it, with the biggest smashed-em I can remember. The cost was twisted bars, a twisted saddle, bent derailleu and dented helmet, but luckily no broken body parts.

We all started together which always makes for fun and tight racing. Reuben was going great guns until the chain incident, while Gav set the pace up the climbs on his cyclocross bike. JT and James were battling each other and not far behind, with Mike keeping them honest and chasing hard. Graham started late and was chasing everyone down until the flatty.


Mark Samson: 26m 08s

Gavin Cameron: 26m 10s (cyclocross)

Reuben Madsen: 27m 50s

James McGuire: 29m 02s

Jeff Thomas: 29m 24s

Mike Bainbridge: 30m 43s

Viv Barakat: 35m 00s


TUESDAY 25th June 2013

Again, our track performed superbly. The berms are solid, the flats are rolling hard and fast and the climbs have great grip.

This week we tried something a bit different – we’d had some feedback from people who said they always struggled doing the Grinder right at the start, so this week we started from the top of the Grinder so riders had to tackle it at the very end. The conclusion? It’s harder at the end :-)

The loop was slightly shorter this week but everyone except Reuben was noticeably down on their PBs. Reuben continues to rapidly improve, posting a time almost a minute faster than his last PB set back at the end of April.

James discovered JT lying on the side of the track in Anaconda, clutching something between his legs – damn jumps, damn crossbars!!

I marked out another 100m of track in the pines on Sunday, so look out for a working bee notice coming around soon.


TUESDAY 18th June 2013

After a few wet Tuesdays in a row, we finally got back on the MTB track for a good single-track blast tonight. It’s been right to keep off it while the weather’s been really wet because the result is that the track was in great condition tonight.

Over the last few Tuesdays we’ve done a couple of Hauraki Rail Trail cruises from Waikino to Paeroa and return. This is a nice leisurely evening group ride that’s achievable for everyone, and just a cool place to be on a bike after dark.

10 people turned up for tonight’s group ride around the track – a few did multiple laps and everyone remarked on how good the track was riding. Thanks to Peter for his ongoing maintenance work in keeping the bermed corners drained and windfall debris off the track. He’s done a great job of fixing the ‘long-drop’ bridge, so Riverdance flows nicely again too.

It was excellent to see a good turnout tonight - a few faces we haven’t seen for a few weeks, and welcome to Ashton Baird, an accomplished local roady, making the winter switch to the dirtier side of cycling.


TUESDAY 14th May 2013

After all the bike and running traffic from the BLAST on Sunday the track was in amazing condition making for a great ride on a beautiful evening.

Welcome to Nathan Tucker - fresh from winning the 20km MTB Junior division on Sunday, (where his prize was a MTB Nightlight - kindly donated by Neil from Waihi Sports & Cycles). Nathan and Reuben post very similar lap times so we look forward to some exciting racing between these two in the future.


Reuben Madsen: 28m 12s

Nathan Tucker: 28m 44s

Graham Madsen: 29m 25s

Craig Manktelow: 35m 17s

Viv Barakat: 36m 40s

Vicki Farr: 38m 18s


TUESDAY 07th May 2013

The track is fully repaired now and in great condition again. Long Drop is much better and the other small fixes we did during the repair sessions seem to have improved the ride as well.

However, tonight’s times were noticeably down on PBs and quite a few people reported minor mishaps. It seems like it will take a few weeks for people to adjust to the combination of a damper track and riding at night, but I’m sure we’ll all get used to it again very soon.


Gavin Cameron: 28m 21s (cyclocross bike)

James Maguire: 28m 55s (singlespeed)

Reuben Madsen: 30m 16s

Graham Madsen: 31m 02s

Karl O’Neill: 31m 57s (singlespeed)

Andrew Cochrane: 32m 43s

Jeff Ruddock: 34m 11s

Viv Barakat: 38m 45s

Eleanore O’Neill: 42m 40s


Sunday 28th Apr. 2013 – Working Bee

Huge thanks to Peter for working so hard on Riverdance all week to get the bridges repaired and a lot of the mud removed. Also big thanks to today’s crew; Vicki, Jeff R, Graham, Reuben, Budgie, Neill and Gav who worked really well to get Riverdance in great riding condition again. The weather forecast is good for the next few days so the track will be in great shape and make for some excellent riding again on Tuesday.


TUESDAY 23rd Apr. 2013

The 1 in 30 year flood that bombed Waihi Beach and Golden Valley on Saturday night (about 4 hours after the last competitor had finished the Nugget!), raised the river level and most of Riverdance was once again submerged. We closed the track because both bridges relocated themselves and sections of the track were just a thick muddy bog! We decided to let it dry out a bit before hitting it with a working bee.

So Neill had a brainwave – “why don’t we ride the Hauraki Rail Trail from Waikino to Karangahake at night instead”? What a great idea. Tuesday was a beautiful evening and nine keen riders met at Waikino Station Café to leisurely head downstream toward Karangahake. The train tunnel was spectacular at night, and we were having such a good time that some bright spark suggested we go all the way to Paeroa. So we did, and it was good. Well we turned around at Rotokohu Road actually, but returned to Waikino via the true left bank of the river through the Gorge, which was something a bit new for some!

It was so successful that we all agreed it was a great wet weather option and we should do it again if the track gets too greasy in the depths of winter. Thanks Neill, it was an excellent evening.


TUESDAY 16th Apr. 2013

TT cancelled due to rain and the Nugget coming on the 20th.


TUESDAY 9th Apr. 2013

We’ve decided to continue with the head-to-head format for now. It’s just as easy to time and it means everyone gets back closer together. On top of that, it’s also pushing people harder than they might normally ride – we’ve had nine PBs in the last two weeks.

Butsy managed to crack the magic 30 minute barrier for the first time tonight as he was chased hard all the way by Reuben. Reuben also went under 30, and beat his previous best by over a minute. Craig showed what a new (borrowed) bike and having someone to chase can do, as he went around over a minute faster than last week and rode a new PB too.

It was still possible to get around without lights tonight but probably won’t be next week if the forecast tropical cyclone arrives!


Gavin Cameron: 26m 08s (PW) (cyclocross bike)

Craig Manktelow: 26m 20s (PB) (borrowed proper bike)

James McGuire: 26m 29s (singlespeed)

Darren Butler: 28m 52s (PB)

Reuben Madsen: 28m 53s (PB)

Viv Barakat: 32m 38s

Eleanore O’Neill: 35m 52s


TUESDAY 2nd Apr. 2013

The surprise was revealed as riders were lined up on the starting grid in rows of two or three in order of their PBs (or adjusted PBs). It was head-to-head night.

Cyclocross Gav and singlespeed James were up first with the 29er fully of JT on the front row of the grid. They were to be hotly pursued by the fast improving Steve, Craig and Mike in the second wave, all trying to be first back for the bbq and a cold one.

The close competition must have fired up the adrenal glands of a few riders with seven new PBs being recorded. Steve Harries has been putting in the hours with the road bike and running shoes and was rewarded with a time 3m 15s faster than his previous best, while Craig’s summer of road riding has reduced his lap time by almost a full minute. Sam Davis hasn’t been along on a Tuesday since January but still managed to knock a minute 45 off his PB, and Rob continues to chip away at his lap times as he gets familiar with his new bike.


Gavin Cameron: 24m 47s

James Maguire: 25m 29s

Jeff Thomas: 26m 58s

Steve Harries: 27m 18s

Craig Manktelow: 27m 24s

Mike Bainbridge: 27m 46s

Sam Davis: 29m 10s

Karl Budgen: 29m 41s

Reuban Madsen: 29m 58s

Andrew Cochrane: 29m 58s

Viv Barakat: 32m 27s

Rob Clark: 33m 48s

Eleanore O’Neill: 35m 07s


TUESDAY 26th Mar 2013

Conditions were perfect for fast times tonight and six riders (half the field) took advantage of the hard-packed track and lack of wind to post PBs. James is building nicely towards the Cateye Moonride 24 hour race on the 20th April, knocking a whopping 35 seconds off his previous best on the trustee single-speed. Mark went under 25 minutes for the first time, JT went under 26 minutes for the first time and Mike B was almost a full minute ahead of his best, going under 29 minutes for the first time. Butsy is on the verge of cracking 30 minutes, posting a PB of 30:29, while Mike V just snuck under his PB by four seconds.

Gav pulled out the cyclocross bike and still managed a very respectable time. For those who haven’t seen a cyclocross bike – it’s basically a road bike with slightly fatter tyres – and yes it has road bike handlebars and zero suspension!

Welcome to Scott Stewart who joined us tonight and recorded a handy time of 32:15.


Mark Samson: 24m 51s (PB)

James McGuire: 25m 11s (PB) Single-speed

Gavin Cameron: 25m 25s Cyclocross bike

Jeff Thomas: 25m 39s

Mike Bainbridge: 28m 06s

Darren Butler: 30m 29s

Mike Voykovich: 31m 51s

Viv Barakat: 32m 01s

Jeff Ruddock: 32m 04s

Scott Stewart: 32m 15s

Peter Lee-Johnson: 34m 01s

Eleanor O’Neill: 34m 55s


TUESDAY 19th Mar 2013

The teams tag relay race was a great success. We had five teams of two competing over two laps of the pine block. There were plenty of tired legs and sweaty foreheads after two ascents of the Grinder but big smiles after two full-bore descents of Rock-Drop, Earthworm, Jaws and Anaconda.

Steve Harries showed he’s been training hard for the Nugget and shot away from the field on the first hill. It proved a lead that nobody could pull back after James added to their advantage by smashing the climbs on his single speed. Gav and Butsy made a valiant effort to haul them in and finished just 27 seconds behind. Mike and JT stayed in touch, and JT was only 28 seconds behind Gav at the end. Reuben did really well grinding up the hills on his big, heavy downhill bike as did Karl on his ‘vintage’ single speed. Unfortunately Graham’s derailleur shat itself, putting an end to their night’s racing.

Karl and Reuben have done a great job of improving (berming) a couple of the corners in the pines, and the rain has helped too, so the track is in great nick right now.


  1. James Maguire / Steve Harries: 0m 00s
  2. Gavin Cameron / Darren Butler: + 0m 27s
  3. Jeff Thomas / Mike Bainbridge: + 0m 55s
  4. Mark Samson / Reuben Madsen: +3m 02s

Karl O’Neill / Graham Madsen: DNF


TUESDAY 12th Mar 2013

Congratulations to Jeff, Graham and Rob who all posted PBs last night. JT knocked an outstanding 1m 27s off his previous quickest time to just sneak home ahead of James for the first time. Graham gets faster every week and last night was four minutes quicker than when he first did the track back in January. Rob is getting used to his new bike and was one and a half minutes ahead of his January time last night too.

The track is really riding well at the moment. It looks like we might get a shower over the weekend which will help to harden up the loamy patches and suppress the dust, so next Tuesday should be a really good ride.


Gavin Cameron: 24m 40s

Jeff Thomas: 26m 20s

James Maguire: 26m 24s

Graham Madsen: 27m 45s

Karl O’Neill: 28m 33s

Mike Bainbridge: 29m 56s

Paw Lanson: 31m 18s

Viv Barakat: 32m 11s

Peter Lee-Johnson: 33m 14s

Gary McLean: 33m 14s

Rob Clarke: 34m 14s


TUESDAY 5th Mar 2013

It was surprises all round tonight. We were all surprised by the rain. Viv was surprised when he went over the handlebars and his back wheel fell off. Everyone was surprised to find that tonight we were doing the track in reverse, and they were even more surprised by how challenging (in a good way) it was! Times were between one and four minutes slower than ‘normal’ as people’s brains and legs were taxed to the max. Graham and JT were the closest to their ‘right-way’ PBs, being only one minute slower. That’s a great ride guys – well done.

Just a note here; in the interests of safety please don’t go out and practice the track backwards. Let’s keep everyone going clockwise so we avoid any chance of a head-on!

Welcome Gary and Brent McLean who both did pretty smart times for their first timed race.


Mark Samson: 26m 48s

Gavin Cameron: 27m 06s (thanks for opening the gate Gav)

James McGuire: 27:09s

Jeff Thomas: 28m 45s

Graham Madsen: 29m 41s

Karl O’Neill: 29m 54s

Mike Voykovich: 31m 56s

Reuben Madsen: 32m 39s

Brent McLean: 33m 12s

Gary McLean: 33m 16s

Dave Morgan: 34m 07s

Peter Lee-Johnson: 35m 25s

Rob Clarke: 35m 37s

Viv Barakat: 40m 07s


TUESDAY 26th Feb 2013 - Handicap Race

Seventeen riders kicked up plenty of dust, and there was lots of sweat and burning lungs at our first ever head-to-head event last night. The handicapping worked out pretty well with everyone finishing within a couple of minutes of Steve Harries, who was the first person home – with a new PB. Andrew Cochrane started 4min 30sec after the first rider and pulled back six places to finish second, while a hard charging Jeff Thomas came from 7min and 10 places back to finish a creditable third. Well done Eleanore to hold off the rest of the adrenalin-charged boys and secure a well deserved fourth place.

Viv had gear failure, Budgie hit a dog and there were quite a few minor ‘offs’ so all in all it was a fantastic night of racing.

Welcome Geoff Keown who decided tonight was the night to attempt his first ever MTB ride! Geoff’s a very good roady and managed to get around the track without breaking anything and without drawing any blood. Good work.

Thanks Neil for starting us and collating the results – things got a bit hectic at the finish :-)


  1. Steve Harries
  2. Andrew Cochrane
  3. Jeff Thomas
  4. Eleanore O’Neill
  5. Mark Samson
  6. Mike Bainbridge
  7. Darren Butler
  8. Kel Garrett
  9. Dave Morgan
  10. Karl O’Neill
  11. Gavin Cameron
  12. James McGuire
  13. Graham Madsen
  14. Rob Clarke
  15. Geoff Keown
  16. Karl Budgen – sorry Budgie, got that handicap a bit wrong.

TUESDAY 19th Feb 2013

26 degrees, blazing sun and no wind welcomed riders to last night’s TT. However despite the heat and the dust, personal bests continued to fall. Graham Madsen responded to nearly being caught by his son Rueben last week by knocking almost two minutes off his previous fastest time, while Steve and Viv shaved almost a full minute off theirs. Rob Clarke showed he’s getting used to his new ride by posting a PB too.

I’ve worked out the handicaps for next Tuesday’s ride. Because there’s so little difference between some riders’ PBs we’ll start in bunches – everyone in your bunch will have a similar best time. That way we should get some great head to head racing within each bunch as you try and catch the bunch in front… awesome fun!


Gavin Cameron: 24m 30s

Kel Garrett: 26m 07s

James McGuire: 29m 27s

Jeff Thomas: 27m 47s

Graham Madsen: 28m 38s

Steve Harries: 30m 33s

Reuben Madsen: 32m 26s

Darren Butler: 31m 44s

Viv Barakat: 31m 45s

Dave Morgan: 31m 55s

Eleanor O’Neill: 33m 57s

Rob Clarke: 34m 22s


TUESDAY 12th Feb 2013

People must be shaking off that silly season ‘condition’ already - nine people recorded PBs! James knocked 30s off, Karl O -29s, Mike B -38s, Graham M -61s and Reuben M shaved a massive 1m 42s off his previous best. There’s a great Father/Son battle going on there and it won’t be long before the tables are turned… Viv was 40s faster than his best, while Eleanore equaled hers and Rob and Bryan were 30s and 1m 17s faster respectively.

And there was no blood – well done everyone.

Thanks to Karl O’Neill for fixing the berm on what will now be known as Karl’s corner – it’s a winner, well done. Thanks to Peter too who’s been spraying and generally working to keep the track riding well.

Budgie is working with a group of Waihi College students to gain MTB NCEA credits. The students will have to reach certain lap times to gain either an ‘excellence’, ‘merit’ or ‘achieved’. It will be interesting to watch their progress and see if any of them can threaten Gav’s lap record which stands at 24m 03s.


Mark Samson: 25m 24s

James Maguire: 26m 16s

Karl O’Neill: 27m 09s

Mike Bainbridge: 29m 12s

Andrew Cochrane: 29m 59s

Graham Madsen: 30m 27s

Reuben Madsen: 30m 43s

Viv Barakat: 32m 30s

Eleanore O’Neill: 33m 50s

Bryan Callghan: 34m 24s

Rob (new bike) Clarke: 35m 13s


TUESDAY 5th Feb 2013

A new course record and a couple of PBs were the highlights this week. Gav knocked almost 30 seconds off his previous best and almost cracked 24 minutes. The new course record now stands at 24m 03s – well done Gav. Karl O’Neill is going really well and shaved a minute off his PB while James, on the single speed, took almost 2 minutes off his previous best time. Craig’s got his bike legs back and is getting to grips with off-road riding really quickly - watch this space when he gets a new bike…


Gavin Cameron: 24m 03s

James Maguire: 26m 46s

Karl O’Neill: 27m 38s

Jeff Thomas: 28m 25s

Craig Manktelow: 28m 27s

Sam Davis: 31m 56s

Peter Lee-Johnson: 32m 53s

Viv Barakat: 33m 12s

Eleanor O'Neill: 36m 14s


TUESDAY 29th Jan 2013

Everyone must have had a hard long weekend? Eight keen riders braved the heat, dust and dogs being walked, and they all enjoyed the riding.

Keith has installed new bypasses on all the gates into the pines over the last week. He’s done a great job, and now there’s no need to get off your bike to get through. Gavin and Leon have also spent time out there with a scrub bar and have knocked back the blackberry and long grass. Many thanks guys – nice work.


Gavin Cameron: 24m 31s

Sam Davis: 30m 55s

Dylan McGechie: 31m 07s

Peter Lee-Johnson: 32m 52s

Dan Meehan: 33m 54s

Rob Clarke: 35m 43

Bryan Callaghan: 35m 51s

Reid Samson: 40m 00s

TUESDAY 22nd Jan 2013 - Rogaine

Our first rogaine proved very successful. The aim was to mix people up, introduce some new trails, try something new that required some strategy and new skills and spread the winning around. I think we achieved all our objectives.

There were lots of stories (and excuses), but in the end it was reassuring to know that our Waihi area SAR captain and his team mate navigated the course, found all the clues, and solved the puzzle considerably quicker than anyone else. Well done Butsy and Bryan. Karl and Eleanor snuck home just a minute ahead of Jobe and Peter and the herd of under 14s to take second, showing good teamwork and local knowledge. At the other end of the scale the Mikes were seen breaking the “one way only” rule – even after their head-on with the Robs – but maybe that’s why they took seven minutes to solve the puzzle and were almost overtaken by James and Andrew. Dylan and Robbie almost made a storming comeback at the end, narrowly missing out on jumping up to 5th place after solving the riddle very smartly. JT and Sam had a lot of trouble finding one of the clues (which everyone else found easily – just saying) so after 20 minutes of looking chose to DNF and have some fun riding in the pines. All good.

Welcome to Gavin Christensen – hopefully a few more of the Paeroa crew can join us through the year.


• Darren Butler & Bryan Callaghan: 42min

• Eleanor & Karl O'Neill: 49min

• Jobe Ibbitson & Peter Brady (with help from the other younglings): 50min

• Mike Voykovich & Mike Bainbridge: 57min

• Rob Clarke & Rob Ashley: 65min

• James Maguire & Andrew Cochraine: 66min

• Dylan McGechie & Robbie McGougan: 67min


TUESDAY 15th Jan 2013

Fortunately the rain held off. Unfortunately we postponed the rogaine. Fortunately we can still do it next week.

This week was the first time we’d all ridden the complete track, including all of Anaconda and the Riverdance wiggles. It was very dry and a bit soft and loamy in a few places, which lead to a couple of spills as front wheels ploughed straight ahead in the deep dust and gravel.

We’ll start a fresh personal best (PB) and lap record list as of tonight since we’re on the full track now and don’t have any plans to extend it any time soon. It’s now exactly 8km long and half way is about 40m past the top of Rocky Knob.

It’s great to see a consistent group of people turning up on a regular basis and their lap times improving steadily. The experience gained now will mean you’ll find the winter rides under lights and on a greasy track will be far easier than they were last year. Thanks again to Neill for being there every week to do the timing.

Next week we’ll do the MTB rogaine if the weather is nice – expect to be riding for about an hour.

This week's times:

Mark Samson: 25m 20s

Karl O’Neill: 28m 37s

James McGuire: 28m 40s (after 5 ‘warm-up’ laps!)

Leroy Crawford-Flett: 28m 41s

Mike Bainbridge: 29m 50s

Glen Williams: 29m 56s

Darren Butler: 30m 45s (with a crash)

Jeff Ruddock: 31m 02s

Graham Madsen: 31m 38s

Reuben Madsen: 32m 25s

Dylan McGechie: 32m 56s

Viv Barakat: 33m 10s

Dave Morgan: 33m 31s

Dan Meehan: 33m 48s

Eleanor O’Neill: 35m 46s

Reece Bonham: 40m 00s

And Reid and Nick did a couple of laps around their own track.


TUESDAY 8th Jan 2013

Welcome back everyone. What an excellent turnout for TT No1 of 2013. 14 riders were timed and another 8 did a ‘leisure lap’. Leon Sharp must have been VERY good in 2012 since Santa seems to have bought him a very lovely new bike! Welcome Leon. Welcome also to Robbie McGougan (on his ‘classic’ bike).

There were lots of good comments about how well the track is riding, and there’s been lots of good feedback from out-of-towners who’ve been riding the track over the holiday period.


Gavin Cameron: 22m 48s (A very sharp time)

John Colthorpe: 25m 42s

James Maguire: 25m 58s

Sam Davis: 27m 33s

Glen Williams: 28m 29s

Jacob Smith: 29m 09s

Leroy Crawford-Flett: 29m 25s

Dylan McGechie: 30m 00s

Viv Barakat: 30m 24s

Angus Bate: 31m 20s

Peter Lee-Johnson: 31m 31s

Eleanore O’Neill: 32m 44s (=)

Rob Clarke: 32m 44s (=)

Graham Madsen: 29m 06s (missed the grinder)


TUESDAY 11th December

It seems that Jaws took its toll last night as people rode it for the first time, with only Mike Bainbridge posting a PB. It was an excellent night for biking though and everybody liked the new bits. Andrew clocked over 40km/hr down the Jaws drop, but the right hand re-entry around the tree soon robs your speed so you can make the turn safely. Big fun!


Mark Samson: 23m 32s

Jeff Thomas: 24m 29s

Mike Bainbridge: 27m 16s

Andrew Cochrane: 27m 45s

Dave Morgan: 29m 25s

Glen Williams: 30m 07s

Viv Barakat: 30m 21s

Jeff Ruddock: 30m 22s

Dan Meehan: 31m 16s

Vicki Farr: 31m 20s

Peter Lee-Johnson: 32m 07s

Graham Madsen: 33m 01s

Reuben Madsen: 33m 01s

Under 14s

Nick Barakat: 41m 30s

Reid Samson: 41m 30s

Nathan Lovell: 41m 30s


TUESDAY 04th December

5 – The number of U14 riders turning up regularly and improving rapidly!
39:35 – Their time (min) for the yellow track last night. Watch this space…
2 – New members last night. Welcome to Graham from Thames and Mike from Waihi. Both did pretty smart times too!
51 – The number of people on our email database.
320 – The length (m) of Anaconda Stage One - included last night for the first time.
2 – The number of PBs last night despite the addition of Anaconda Stage One. Well done Jeff Ruddock.
3 – The number of track pixies who went scratching around in the dirt last night.
109 – The number of metres they completed last night. Look out for Anaconda Stage Two…
16 – The number of happy bikers after last night’s TT


Mark Samson: 22m 35s (PB)

Jeff Thomas: 24m 31s

Graham Johnstone: 25m 26s

Sam Davis: 26m 39s

Mike Bainbridge: 28m 46s

Viv Barakat: 29m 02s

Darren Butler: 29m 05s

Jeff Ruddock: 29m 35s (PB)

Dylan McGechie: 30m 39s

Peter Lee-Johnson: 31m 05s

Rob Clarke: 32m 31s

Eleanore O’Neill: 34m 45s

U14s (they all ride in a herd)

Nick Barakat: 39m 35s

Reid Samson: 39m 35s

Peter Brumby: 39m 35s

Jobe Ibbitson: 39m 35s

TUESDAY 27th November

We set a new attendance record tonight. 22 people arrived at the end of Clarke Street to tackle the Tuesday TT, and six of them were new faces. Welcome to Mike, Graham, Ruben, Leon, Byron and Peter. Byron was visiting from Auckland and smashed out a great time of 21 min 36 sec, which helped his mate JT post a new PB trying to keep up with him.

Our junior crew gained a new member tonight and they took up the challenge to have a go at the yellow track. They all came back smiling having achieved it with style.

Gav, James and I all left the start line together with the idea we’d push each other along and learn some new tricks (from Gav), but it all turned pear shaped when James spun out on an Earthworm and jammed his thumb, ending his night prematurely.

Thanks to Busty, Mike, Budgie and Sam for sticking around to progress Anaconda. I reckon we’re about half way through now and it’s looking awesome! The bit we’ll build on Thursday will become legendary I reckon J

Times: Check out all the PBs!

Byron Scott: 21m 36s

Jeff Thomas: 22m 35s (PB)

Sam Davis: 24m 13s (PB)

Steve Harries: 25m 06s (PB)

Karl Budgen: 26m 52s (PB)

Graham Madsen: 27m 29s

Dave Morgan: 27m 32s (PB)

Viv Barakat: 27m 42s (PB)

Glen Williams: 27m 48s (PB)

Dylan McGechie: 28m 38s (PB)

Leon Cameron: 30m 28s

Rob Clarke: 30m 51s (PB)


TUESDAY 20th November

A new course record of just 20 minutes and 43 seconds was set tonight by Geoff Buysman of Te Aroha. Geoff shaved 5 seconds off his previous best time. Well done Geoff, and well done Sam Davis too, who knocked a full minute off his previous PB. A total of seven riders recorded their best times ever tonight as the hard, dry surface made for fast and grippy riding. On top of that, Rob Clarke scaled “Rocky Knob” without stopping for the first time, Peter cracked the elusive 30 minutes barrier and Nick and Nathan made their debut on the yellow track and nailed it. Way to go guys!


Geoff Buysman: 20m 43s

Jeff Thomas: 23m 17s

James McGuire: 24m 47s

Sam Davis: 26m 08s

Craig Manktelow: 27m 10s

Viv Barakat: 28m 28s

Glen Williams: 29m 14s

Peter Lee-Johnson: 29m 45s

Dylan McGechie: 30m 17s

Rob Clarke: 31m 46s

Nathan Lovell: 44m 33s

Nick Barakat: 44m 33s

TUESADY 13th November

A couple of showers late in the day left the hard-packed trail just a wee bit greasy on top last night and most people’s times reflected the extra caution required to negotiate the course “sunny-side up”. Craig was the only rider to return to base with the telltale dirt patch down his left side after over-cooking a corner on earthworm, but despite his get-off he still managed a new PB. Jeff Ruddock returned to riding after a few weeks off to post a very handy 30 minutes even, while Rob Ashley also recorded a new PB of just over 26 minutes. The K2 experience must have had a good training effect anyway Rob. Sam Davis escaped from his school exams still fired up to set a new PB as well, coming home in a smidgeon over 27 minutes.

It was also great to see Nathan and Reid joined by Nick Barakat last night. These boys all play U14 inline hockey together all winter and now the Tuesday MTB TT is providing some great cross-training. They were having so much fun they ended up doing three laps of the pink track and got faster with each lap. The pink track lap record now stands at 18m 53s. Well done guys.

Times: (Yellow Track)

Geoff Buysman: 22m 44s

Jeff Thomas: 23m 52s

James McGuire: 25m 19s

Rob Ashley: 26m 09s

Sam Davis: 27m 08s

Craig Manktelow: 27m 14s

Viv Barakat: 29m 27s

Jeff Ruddock: 30m 00s

Dave Morgan: 31m 09s

Eleanor O’Neill: 31m 12s

Glen Williams: 32m 11s

Bryan Callaghan: 33m 27s

Times: (Pink Track)

Nathan Lovell: 18m 53s

Reid Samson: 18m 53s

Nick Barakat: 18m 53s

TUESDAY 6th November

As predicted, with the hard, dry track last night PBs tumbled, and the elusive 30 minute barrier has been well and truly cracked by most! Well done Eleanor for knocking over a minute off last week’s time, and Viv, Bryan and Dylan all raced home before the clock ticked over 30 as well.

Thanks again to Neill for doing the timing, and to the Trail Pixie for those latest tweaks that have made the ride just that wee bit sweeter.


Geoff Buysman: 20m 48s

Jeff Thomas: 23m 03s

James McGuire: 24m 57s

Darren Butler: 26m 33s

Steve Harries: 27m 49s

Viv Barakat: 28m 45s

Eleanor O’Neill: 28m 54s

Dylan McGechie: 29m 45s

Bryan Callaghan: 29m 53s

Rob Clarke: 32m 48s

TUESDAY 30th October

30 minutes seemed to be the magic number tonight. Eleanor was just 2 seconds off cracking the elusive half hour and Dave was just 11 seconds outside it. Dylan and Peter were 35 and 48 seconds away respectively, and all rode a PB. Viv was rapt to finally go under 30, sneaking home with 13 seconds to spare.

We had three newbies down for a social ride this week. Welcome Shari & Reid Samson and Nathan Lovell. It’s great to see new people out there exploring the trails on these awesome summer evenings.

In that vein – pencil in the afternoon of Sunday December the 2nd. We’re working on the idea of holding a Family Open Day at the track where we’ll do some riding, introduce some new people to the trails, share some food and a few bevvies, and generally have a good time around mountain biking. We’ll keep it low-key and just pass the word around by word-of-mouth and email – and if you’re a facebooker you could chat about it with your cyber-friends…


Carl O’Neill: 26m 10s

James McGuire: 27m 08s

Karl Budgen: 28m 35s

Glen Williams: 29m 44s

Viv Barakat: 29m 47s

Eleanor O'Neill: 30m 02s

Dave Morgan: 30m 11s

Dylan McGechie: 30m 35s

Peter Lee-Johnson: 30m 48s

Bryan Callaghan: 31m 56s

Rob Clarke: 33m 05s


TUESDAY 23rd October

It was a big night for PBs! 16 people did timed laps and most achieved a Personal Best. It's great to see the improvement as people get more familiar with the course and the track improves, and of course people are experiencing increased fitness levels from the regular riding too. Check the last six weeks here.

Darren Butler knocked a minute and a half off last week’s time and Eleanor beat her PB by 1m 06s. James completed the Whaka 100 (yes, that’s 100km) MTB race on Saturday and still carved 2 minutes off his best time tonight. Two of our biggest improvers though are Rob Clarke and Viv Barakat – Rob has reduced his lap time by nearly 5 minutes since he started and Viv has shaved a massive 9 minutes since his first ride, including an impressive 2m 45s this week alone! It’s probably no coincidence that Rob has ridden the last six TTs and Viv has only missed one of the last eight – and James hasn’t missed one since he started in late August. Bryan Callaghan is being rewarded for his persistence too as he went three and a half minutes faster than a fortnight ago. Well done all of you.

We welcomed yet another new face tonight, Luke, who turned in a pretty solid time for his first TT.

Thanks again to Neill for doing the timing – and remember, if you want to stretch your lungs and legs out two nights in a row, then there’s the 14km road bike TT at Waihi Beach every Monday night at 6pm. The start line is on Seaforth Road, just 500m past the Village and MTBs are welcome. Just pump your tyres up real hard and give it a crank!


Gavin Cameron: 22m 13s

Mark Samson: 23m 03s

Jeff Thomas: 24m 02s

James McGuire: 25m 37s

Carl O’Neill: 26m 19s

Steve Harries: 26m 28s

Craig Manktelow: 27m 39s

Luke Burgess: 27m 46s

Darren Butler: 28m 00s

Karl Budgen: 29m 14s

Vicki Farr: 29m 26s

Eleanor O'Neill: 31m 00s

Viv Barakat: 30m 02s

Bryan Callaghan: 33m 18s

Rob Clarke: 33m 25s

Dylan McGechie: 35m 07s


TUESDAY 16th October

‘Earthworm’ was christened last night, and the feedback was all good!

A new record of 18 riders enjoyed true hard and fast conditions and plenty of improved lap times shows that people’s confidence and skills are growing as the track conditions improve.

The trail pixie and I had done a few tweaks during the day, which helped make a couple of short sections a bit faster and a bit safer. We’ll continue with that work throughout the summer and as we get more bikes using it on a regular basis, and more dry weather, it will bed in quite quickly and just get better and better.

With the addition of Earthworm the track is now a full 7km long. Earthworm is a snaking downhill section that weaves amongst the pines with a few good bermed corners and drops to maintain your speed. It cuts out the old big, rooty dip into the muddy, rooty bog under the big old rooty pine tree in Sweeping Bewdy on Winner Hill. Our timing was very good because yesterday afternoon a large branch blew off that same big old rooty pine tree and effectively closed that section of track anyway!


Gavin Cameron: 22m 48s

Jeff Thomas: 24m 24s

Kel Garrett: 24m 34s

Steve Harries: 26m 31s

James McGuire: 27m 34s

Sam Davies: 27m 41s

Andrew Cochrane: 27m 50s

Vicki Farr: 28m 06s

Craig Manktelow: 28m 17s

Dan Meehan: 29m 07s

Darren Butler: 29m 30s

Jeff Ruddock: 29m 48s

Eleanor O'Neill: 32m 06s

Peter Lee-Johnson: 32m 14s

Dylan McGechie: 32m 33s

Viv Barakat: 32m 45s

Rob Clarke: 33m 57s

Bryan Callaghan: 34m 18s


TUESDAY 9th October

Daylight saving and warm, fine weather helped us reach a new record number of starters tonight. 15 riders were timed and 3 more just did a casual lap or two. Gav set a new PB that was over a minute faster than last week, only to have Jeff turn up from Te Aroha and post a 21.09 – not bad for only his second time on the course. There are a few people threatening to break the 30min barrier very soon too if they keep improving at the rate they’re going.

We welcome three more new faces, Dylan, Dave and Andrew, to the Tuesday night TT, and welcome back Leroy. There are now 46 names on the email database, which is just incredible.

It would be great to see a few beginner riders out on the Pink Trail too. If you know of anybody who’d like to come along and just give it a go without the pressure of being timed, then invite them down for a casual lap on the next warm, dry evening.


Jeff Buysman: 21m 09s

Gavin Cameron: 22m 45s

Jeff Thomas: 26m 25s

Leroy Crawford-Flett: 27m 34s (nice ride)

Steve Harries: 27m 51s

James McGuire: 28m 09s

Andrew Cochrane: 28m 41s

Jeff Ruddock: 31m 09s (nearly 2m faster than last week – well done Jeff)

Dan Meehan: 31m 38s

Viv Barakat: 31m 44s

Peter Lee-Johnson: 34m 29s

Rob Clarke: 34m 44s

Dylan McGechie: 35m 27s

Bryan Callaghan: 36m 39s

Dave Morgan: 39m 33s


Sunday 7th October working bee

JT, Kel, Butsy, Viv, Dave and myself had a couple of very productive hours of track building on Sunday. We've all-but completed "Earthworm" as well as fixed a few drainage issues in various places. It's looking really good.

I have a few ideas for some other trail upgrades that we'll work on over the summer months. The theme is to get the pine blocks riding a bit faster and with a bit more flow... watch this space...


TUESDAY 2nd October

Tonight was our first evening with daylight saving time and it was great to be able to get around without lights. The track was a bit 'damp' in places after a day of quite heavy showers, but the rain held off for the TT and the conditions made for pretty fun riding. Gav smashed it and was only four seconds slower than last week - which is pretty impressive given the tricky track conditions.

10 riders got their bikes good and muddy - welcome to Glen, another new face, with a very respectable time first up.


Gavin Cameron: 23m 51s

Mark Samson: 25m 32s

Carl O'Neill: 27m 10s

James McGuire: 28m 47s (singlespeed)

Glen Williams: 30m 00s

Rob Ashley: 31m 04s

Darren Butler: 33m 04s

Jeff Ruddock: 33m 06s

Eleanor O'Neill: 36m 30s

Rob Clarke: 40m 04s


TUESDAY 25th September

The combination of dry weather and the work done by the crack track building team on Sunday made for some quick times this week. The Grinder was as good as it's been, despite the cattle having been over it today and the drop-off alterations worked brilliantly, making that stretch of track a happy place again. There were quite a few reported 'offs' in various places though - we must be getting a bit cocky?

We had two more new faces tonight - welcome to Dan and Steve, and it was great to see Peter out riding his amazing handywork. Thanks again to Neil for doing the timing. Oh, and it was our biggest turnout ever - 14 - awesome!


Gavin Cameron: 23m 47s

Mark Samson: 24m 13s

Jeff Thomas: 25m 43s

James McGuire: 26m 40s (singlespeed)

Craig Manktelow: 27m 40s (not riding a dunga)

Steve Harries: 27m 53s (first timer)

Mike Voykovich: 29m 21s

Dan Meehan: 30m 23s (first timer)

Darren Butler: 30m 40s

Carl Budgeon: 31m 03s

Viv Barakat: 32m 31s

Peter Lee-Johnson: 32m 43s

Bryan Callghan: 35m 00s

Rob Clarke: 36m 34s


Sunday 23 September working bee

Huge thanks to the seven keen track builders who fronted up on Sunday afternoon for a track maintenance session. James came all the way from Ngaruawahia and Gav from Katikati, and along with Butsy, Craig, JT, and Budgie we powered through a ton of work.

The Grinder is back at it's best, making it a much more manageable climb and the approach to 'the drop off' is now way friendlier and more forgiving.

Look out for 'Earthworm', coming your way over the next few months...


TUESDAY 18th September

What a great night for a ride! The track had recovered from the weekend's rain to be in awesome condition for the TT. An enthusiastic 11 MTBers rocked up, including yet another new face - welcome Rob, we hope you enjoyed your evening.

There were lots of stories being shared from the Taupo Day/Night Thriller on Saturday... Rob Ashley's crew didn't make it to the start line... James set out to conquer the 12 hour solo but a lingering flu bug and a series of blood noses halted his challenge after a testing 5 and a half hours. Vicki's team, "Over 50 and still crankin" finished a solid 4th in the 6 hour 2/3 person mixed division, while the "Grumpy Old Men", Mark, Kel & Thommo (from Aria) managed to hang on to finish 4th in the 6 hour 2/3 person open division and 5th overall.

It's a brilliant event with a really fun track and I'd recommend it to anyone - maybe next year we'll get organised and send a couple of 'Waihi' teams?

Back to the TT... last night's times;

Gavin (is back!) Cameron: 24m 27s

Rob Ashley: 28m 37s

James (single speed) McGuire: 29m 26s

Craig (riding a dunga) Manktelow: 31m 21s

Mike Voykovich: 31m 51s

Vicki (still crankin) Farr: 32m 10s

Viv (gettin faster...) Barakat: 33m 37s

Darren Butler: 34m 39s

Eleanore O'Niell: 34m 58s

Bryan (watch out for that electric fence) Callaghan: 36m 41s (includes getting untangled)

Rob (first time) Clark: 37m 43s


TUESDAY 11th September

I underestimated the resilience of our regular MTB crew... 9 keen riders were at the end of Clarke St ready to brave the single digit temperatures last night, and the feedback was that they were rewarded with very good riding conditions. All agreeing that the track is better than ever. Well done trail pixies! We didn't take times this week because our timer "had other engagements".

We had another new face - welcome Ash, and it's great to see Carl, Eleanor, Viv and Jeff R becoming regulars. Mike and James come over from Paeroa every week, while Gavin drives over from Katikati each Tuesday. Welcome back Gav - hope you enjoyed the new and improved track.

It's worth mentioning that James is entering the 12 hour solo division of the Jamis Day/Night MTB Thriller in Taupo this Saturday. An awesome achievement, but it's just a warm-up for the Taupo Cycle Challenge on November 24th where he'll tackle the Maxi... 4 laps of Lake Taupo on his road bike, yes 4, that's not a typo - kudos to you James! Rob is also entering the Taupo Challenge in November and will be competing in the Enduro which is "only" 2 laps of Lake Taupo - that's 320 tough km! Good luck guys, I hope the wind is kind to you.


So July was Waihi's wettest for 84 years!!! It can't get any worse than that... I'm amazed that our track held up as well as it did considering that's it's still very new and really isn't even bedded-in yet, making it quite susceptible to water damage. It's a credit to the track builders and their perseverance - well done everyone. I'm confidenat that after a summer of traffic and a few tweaks here and there it will handle next winter's wet with ease.


TUESDAY 4th September

Six tough nuts endured the heavy showers and strong winds tonight. Well, seven actually because Neil had to endure it too - thanks Neil.

The track was riding really well despite the rain and everybody found the new track marking easy to follow. It was great to see Jeff R back on his bike and having a ball, and Joris B made a cameo appearance (a fast one too) as part of his training for Wellington's Karapoti Classic early next year.

Mark Samson: 28m 22s

Joris Besamusca: 30m 13s

James Maguire: 33m 32s

Jeff Ruddock: 36m 27s

Viv Barakat: 38m 20s

Eleanore O'Niell: 40m 36s


TUESDAY 28th August

At last, we're up and running again! It's incredible how much the track has dried in the last fortnight and it's now riding better than ever. Peter (now affectionately known as "the trail pixie") has done a brilliant job of re-building Riverdance to be even better than before the floods, and the washouts along Riverbank Terrace have all been repaired to their former state. So we can now ride the full loop again, which must be over six sweet km now.

This weekend I will mark out the 'pink' trail - called the pink trail because it will be marked with pink arrows, clever aye! This course will be suitable for people new to the sport who are looking to build their skills and confidence before taking on the yellow trail. It'll be an ideal track for Mum, Dad and the kids to play on during the weekends and after work.

It was a real thrill to see 10 keen MTBers turn up for a blat last light - including three new faces. Welcome to James, Karl and Eleanor - I hope you enjoyed your ride. Despite nailing nearly 100 bright yellow plastic arrows up around the track a few people apparently still rode their own 'variation' of the track proper, so don't read too much into these times... not that it matters, everyone had good fun.

Kel (short-cut) Garrett: 24m 00s

Jeff Thomas: 29m 08s

Karl (new face) O'Neill: 29m 20s (DQ for not waiting for his wife :-)

Adrian (half Ironman) Smith: 32m 07s

James (new face) Maguire: 32m 50s

Eleanore (new face) O'Neill: 36m 08s

Mike Voykovich: 38m 10s

Viv Barakat: 38m 53s

Rob Ashley: DNF after The Grinder revealed his flu was still in charge!

Mark Samson: Gate opener and course sweeper


14th & 21st August were both canned due to the weather!!


TUESDAY 7th August

Cancelled - Flood aftermath... however the pic at left is Sam negotiating the mud up Taieri Rd on Tuesday evening. It's an excellent ride, and we explored a wee bit further this time, heading up hill towards the Ananui Falls walking track until it started to get a bit dark. It looks muddy in the photo - that's because it was! It's August and it's been raining all of July :-) but it was still good fun, taking about two hours to get up and back from Waihi.


TUESDAY 31st July

Cancelled - Flood!


TUESDAY 24th July 2012

Cancelled - Flood!


New MTB track map (22/07/12)


TUESDAY 17th July 2012

TT No9

What an excellent ride! The track was 95% rideable (all except Wandering Dew) and in some places better than ever. There was "a bit of mud here and there" but that all just added to the fun and the challenge. The Grinder is going really well, as is Riverdance and Riverbank Terrace is open again and easily rideable.

It's getting noticeably lighter in the evenings now and tonight was really warm too. It won't be long before lights aren't required and the longer (and higher) sunlight hours start to dry the tracks out again.


TUESDAY 10th July 2012

TT No8

Post-Event roundup... Only 3 toughies took on the cold July evening but we were rewarded with a great evening's ride. We didn't take times - since the school holidays have obviuosly had an impact on numbers - but went exploring instead. The pines were great with just a couple of muddy bits to challenge the skills, and Riverdance was really good, all things considered.

The top photo at right is what happens when too much front brake is combined with a hairpin turn and fresh cow sh*t. At least this mystery rider skillfully managed to avoid landing in it :-)

We may well be able to ride up to 90% of the usual track this week (17 July)?


Pre-Event notice... The TT is definitely ON this week. The pines are riding beautifully - nice and dry and hard. Due to the flood damage we'll confine ourselves to the pine forest this week (and probably next) but we'll do two laps instead of one.

We'll start at the usual place, ride The Grinder then Winner Hill but at the southern end of Winner Hill (just past the stand of totara) we'll exit the trees with a hairpin right turn and ride back to the old cow shed via the farm race. The second lap will start with a right turn at the old cow shed where we'll re-enter the pines at the Grinder to repeat lap 1. At the end of this second lap we'll turn left at the old cow shed and head back to the start line.

This should take about the same time as our normal TT course and still be heaps of fun.

Click here for a map


SUNDAY 8th July 2012


Brian Callaghan and I spent the afternoon bringing Riverdance back to a rideable state. It mostly involved removing tonnes of debris and raking a lot of sand around. Riverdance is now 90% rideable and looking really good, but there has been a slip in the old Wandering Dew section which is irrepairable and will have to be skirted. If you're riding this track, my advice would be to keep off Wandering Jew, in fact use it's old entrance as your exit back on to the 4WD track, then return in an anti-clockwise direction to the start since Riverbank Terrace isn't accessible yet either.



TT No7

It rained a wee bit... so it was a good call to cancel :-) The end of Clarke Street was well under water as was much of the track. Riverbank Terrace has a couple if slips that won't be able to be repaired. Newmont Waihi Gold are currently repairing what they can but will be re-bulding a couple of short sections. This work should be complete and the track useable by around the end of July. Good work Russell, Ian, Shane and the crew. It's very much appreciated.


SUNDAY 1st JULY 2012


The Grinder is complete! Huge thanks to Butsy, Sam, JT, Budgie and Kel (see "M.I.B" photo left) for a monumental effort today in getting the grinder ready to ride. It's amazing how much we can get through in a short time with a keen bunch of good, strong blokes.

The boys have done a brilliant job - we test-rode it a couple of times afterwards and it's SWEET AS! I'm sure it will become one of the most enjoyed sections of track out there with its fast, sweeping bermed corners and challenging, but rideable climbs. Well done team!!


TUESDAY 26th JUNE 2012

TT No6

Only two guys, Jeff Thomas and Rob Ashley, were tough enough to take on the "less than ideal" conditions this week. They both reported that it was actually pretty good and the track stood up to the weather very well - great to hear!

We didn't record any times and gave Neil the night off to recover from his cold!


TUESDAY 19th JUNE 2012

TT No5

The rain held off and it was a perfect, warm evening for our 5th winter night time TT. 10 riders came out to play, 8 of them doing timed runs. Gavin Cameron smashed the course this week and it was great to see Jeff Ruddock and Viv Barakat out there having a ball too.


Gavin Cameron: 21min 26sec

Jeff Thomas: 23min 46sec

Mark Samson: 25min 37sec

Rob Ashley: 26min 32sec

Karl Budgen: 27min 20sec

Brian Hennessey: 30min 02sec

Sam Davis: 30min 28sec

Bryan Callaghan: 32min 04sec


TUESDAY 12th JUNE 2012

TT No4

What a great night for a bike ride! The track is riding the best it has so far, with all the new bits now linked together and in really good condition. Thanks Peter - great work! It was a beautiful evening and for the first time we were able to ride the full course including The Grinder, Riverdance and the Rimu Ridge loop. There's been a lot of weekend traffic out there by the looks of the track, which is great to see.

Jeff Thomas continues his good form, and now he's fully clipped in is setting some great times. Brian Hennessey got around without getting electrocuted or getting a puncture :-) and it was good to see Rob Ashley out there this week, enjoying the trails for the first time. Bryan Callaghan's fitness and skills are improving with consistent riding every week.


Jeff Thomas: 23m 57sec

Darren Butler: 25min 07sec

Rob Ashley: 26min 19sec

Brian Hennessey: 29min 38sec

Bryan Callaghan: 33min 39sec



TT No3

Only four hard men turned up to do battle with the elements tonight. Welcome Mike, for your first look at the track. As it turned out there wasn't much rain, but the track was pretty slick so we decided to play it safe and just go for a group ride. The new track to the top worked well but will benefit from more riding in drier weather to bed it in.

The long-range forecast looks pretty good so I hope to see you all out there next week.


TUESDAY 29th MAY 2012

TT No2

Another good night of biking and the weather was perfect. The track was a wee bit slippery in places but times were still pretty good.


  • Gavin Cameron: 20m 25s
  • Jeff Buysman: 21m 18s (single speed)
  • Mark Samson: 22m 08s
  • Jeff Thomas: 22m 12s
  • Leroy Crawford-Flett: 23m 04s (cyclo-cross)
  • Darren Butler: 26m 03s
  • Jeff Ruddock: 27m 22s
  • Brian Hennessey: 28m 39s
  • Bryan Callaghan: 29m 29s

TUESDAY 22nd MAY 2012

Inaugural Black Hill TT

What a great night! 14 keen bikers turned up to scope out the course with some staying on to do a timed run. The track was riding well and some good times were recorded considering it was totally dark and a bit slippery in places. We only had one 'over the bars' incident and one trashed rear cluster! A good start...


  • Gavin Cameron: 19m 42s (not bad for Gavin's first time on the track and riding at night)
  • Sam Davis: 20m 38s
  • Jeff Thomas: 22m 14s
  • Kel Garrett: 24m 37s (a good time for the 'sweeper' who was closing all the gates)
  • Dillon Purcell: 24m 41s
Others who came down and did the group scoping loop:
  • Kiley Madsen
  • Leroy Crawford-Flett
  • Karl Budgen
  • Bryan Callaghan
  • Brian Hennessey
  • Jeff Ruddock
  • Vicki Farr
  • Viv Barakat
  • Mark Samson

Thanks to everyone who turned up. Next week we'll just do timed laps, from 5.30pm since you all know the course now.

Thanks for doing the timing Neil.